Creating a Space to Manifest Your Goals

Start the year with manifestation! 🙂

The Music Within

Meditating in my space today surrounded by my crystals, my paintings that I have infused with my energy of what it is that I want to create in  my life, taking in the replenishing energies of the sea salt I scattered about the space, smelling the fragrant scents of sage and essential oil blends I have anointed myself and crystals with was such an intoxicating feeling to me. It is here I come daily to perform meditation, it is here I come to receive messages from the cosmos and mother earth, it is here I draw in my creative energies to create music, art, blogs, videos to empower and enlighten others. I have come to realize the importance of creating such a space that is mine, where no one else can dwell, that is a retreat from the outside world, where I am inspired and puts me in a trance…

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