Lightwork aligns body, mind & Spirit

To the fellow light workers and earth angels. It’s time to spread the love and wisdom to our fellow brothers and sisters. Spread the love of wisdom 🙂

☆ heal the world! ☆


“You are alive with light, glowing at a higher frequency than ever before, surviving some and overtaking others. Willingness is complete and becomes a part of this all now. You are ready and a willing participant and all is climbing here like never before, unlike any other time on the planet! We are stroking you all, bringing all to fruition. Love and hope come cascading down on you now and you are forgoing all just to live in the light; a wholesome and pure nature unlike any other time.

So great with us by your side, you are sparkling so brightly; know we encapsulate all brightness to you and glory surrounds you full and lush. Do not fear here, there is nothing but goodness that graces you and upon my word, the honour that is bestowed upon you is full and rich, and twinkling and shining. Full, so much fullness…

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