The Art of Letting Go

Easily available anywhere.

Pink, friendly and gentle crystal


Rose Quartz are the gentlest crystals that I have ever had the privilege to have. Their loving energy truly heals emotional wounds from past hurts and helps to open up your Heart Chakra, allowing yourself to be open to more goodness and positivity. You may not feel their energy physically. However, their energy will go into your energy field and subconsciously heals you. After a period of time, you will feel free and rid of most of the past hurtful feelings. 


In addition, rose quartz helps people to attract love into their lives. With the intention of getting a new love, the crystal will guide you to find the ones that are suitable for you. Of course, you must definitely follow your intuition so that your crystal may guide you even better.


These pink crystals also enable you to sleep peacefully when you place it under your pillow or beside you while you are sleeping. For me, I place it at the side as I found it more effective that way. Furthermore, I use crystals for meditation to get peace and serenity in my centre. Of course, it is recommended that your crystals be cleansed and charged before any uses.


Once you’ve let go of your unhappiness, you can then use your Rose Quartz to manifest your desires – finding a soulmate. The most important thing to take note while manifesting is the art of believing. Let your intuition guide you along your path of peace, tranquility and happiness. Let go of your past hurts and trust in yourself.

Let go & Let God


Rose Quartz crystals are good cleansing tools for your tarot or angel card decks. So, be sure to place a crystal at the top of your deck for a good cleansing before you start any reading!

P.S. Please feel free to comment on any matter that you have doubts on.

P.P.S I hope that this post helps most of you to understand the usage of Rose Quartz better! 🙂

**Love & Light to you & Blessings to All <3**


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