The New Year Channeling Session

Channeled message from the Archangels for the year, 2014! 🙂

Discovering Ascension

On December 28th, 2013 I performed a small channeling session for a few dear friends and family members.  What is written below is a tie in piece to what was talked about during the channeling.  Enjoy, and remember that this coming year is one filled with excitement, change, and transformational energy.  


My unconditional love to you 🙂




It is at this time dear ones, that we wish to send you our deepest blessings and unconditional love as you transition in to this new energy you refer to as “the new year”.  Cosmically speaking, you have been moving in to this new energy for quite sometime and the rolling over of your earth calendar is not necessarily the exact starting point.  However, for the purpose of this message, it makes sense to speak in these terms.


Your year of 2013 was one of much unrest…

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