What is for you will not pass you by, unless……….

Well written 🙂 Totally agree with you on this!

Rachel's Angel Messages

I had three separate conversations yesterday with different women who all run their own businesses and each one said the same thing, that they are changing the way that they work and live in order to have more time to rest, be with loved ones and focus on their passions or personal needs. After experiencing the deprivation and exhaustion that comes with over work, over giving and keeping everyone but themselves happy, they are finally putting their self care and their hearts desires much higher up the list. It’s not just these three, I am hearing the same story from friends, clients and seeing posts on social media all echoing a similar sentiment: I do not want to feel this resentful, tired, and deprived anymore, it is time for change.

I wanted to punch the air and yell “yessss”! each woman was listening to her inner truth, following her guidance…

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2 thoughts on “What is for you will not pass you by, unless……….

  1. Chakra Toaster says:

    Nowhere has this ever been more apparent to me than in the classroom. When I started teaching, I learned a lesson I will never forget. You WILL fail if you try to please every student and every administrator. Oh, yeah, and in the meantime, you will go completely insane.

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