Your New Year’s Chaneled Message for 2014 from my morning pages….

Blessings to all who reads this beautiful channeled message from Archangel Raziel 🙂

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Channeled Angel message for 2014

                                                              by Julie Robinson

This message is channeling of Archangel Raziel.

This year, will be a year of peace for sure. This will be a year of prosperity. With glasses raised at every turn. People smiling just a bit easier. Lessons learned from the past will prove to improve actions; thus, the lessening of anxiety will be in prominent form. It’s a year of change, an era of beautiful things to come, both spiritually and agnostically. (The Angels sounding very Shakespearean at six in the morning. Amazing.) You are systems will be cleansed as you breathe in the fresher air. This comes as a result of past efforts of your environmentally friendly ways. Yes dear ones…

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