An Unexpected Gift

On the first day of school in 2014, I was surprised by an extraordinary gift from a close friend whom I just made friends with in April 2013. I jumped up and down in glee and gave her a huge, cuddly bear hug. This lovely Angel gave me a Rose Quartz necklace from Lovisa. It’s stated on the cover- love, forgiveness, peace, compassion.

Why was this gift so unexpected?

I live in a society where new age and spirituality aren’t that commonly accepted. People tend to think that alternative medicine doesn’t work and worst of all, most think of meditation as evil and once you try it, your soul will be gone forever! Outrageous concepts..

So as you can see, being in this society isn’t such a good situation for me. Nobody can understand how I feel or what I’m thinking. We constantly have to please others so that we won’t feel ‘left out’. For me, I had to keep myself away from knowing these ‘harmful’ stuff as stated by my grandmother. However, she doesn’t know that she’s secretly into it as well! All these years, she’s been getting us talisman and I remembered when I was young, I tend to see spirits around me. I got scared and she got to know about it. What she did was, she brought me to a friend’s home.

That friend was a special being. It was hilarious at first because I thought that he was just trying to be funny. But then, I gradually realized that that guy could indeed perform channeling from God and mediumship. It was truly a fascinating sight.

After performing a ritual, the ‘master’ burnt a talisman and stirred it into a bowl of water. Then, I was asked to drink the water. It wasn’t an unpleasant taste but it wasn’t pleasant either. It was like drinking a charred drink or something like that. From then on, the talisman worked. I stopped seeing ‘tigers’ in the bathroom and the feelings of spirits touching me were gone. I was so relieved.

That happened when I was 5.

13 years later, I found out that being clairvoyant and intuitive is a good thing! It was said to be a gift from God and….I shut it down.

Yes, I was terrified of spirits. And I got to admit, I still am terrified of them. Hence why I can’t retrieve my clairvoyance back that quickly. However, I’m working on it now and the Angels are constantly with me, helping and guiding me gently.

So coming back to the special gift from my Earth Angel..

To say that I was surprise in having that gift was an understatement. I love it. I’ve always believed in crystals, gemstones, herbs, energy, chakra, aura and all the other types of alternative healing.

It was truly a wonderful feeling having people accepting me for who I am! My beliefs were mashed up and shifted aside due to the ‘normal’ beliefs that I should adopt. But no. No more. I stood my ground and became myself in the year 2013. I have to admit, it wasn’t easy at all. People were constantly judging. Everybody judged except for my mother.

My mother, is another special being. She kept mum about her gifts. Even I didn’t know it until last year! It’s no wonder where I got this gifts from. I inherited them from her, and most probably, my grandmother was as well but she didn’t want to accept it. In my grandmother’s days, those people with gifts were considered ‘out of bounds’ and ‘excluded’. Well, I won’t go in depth about my family history right now as this post isn’t about it. P.S sorry, I tend to get carried away sometimes!

Hence yes.

I believe that everyone should carry a rose quartz with them to promote love and harmony among one another. Of course, remember to cleanse your crystals thoroughly before wearing them or doing any rituals with it!!

P.P.S I really really love my gift!!! Hehe<3

**Love & Light and Blessings to All**



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