The Angel Therapy Handbook – Doreen Virtue

The Angel Therapy Handbook

Doreen Virtue is one of my favourite authors for New Age / Spirituality / Metaphysical, and The Angel Therapy Handbook is my All-Time Favourite.

This handbook was my first ever introduction to the Angels, Archangels and the Departed Loved Ones. Like many times, I’ve been called, urged and guided to obtain this book for reference. At first, I was pretty reluctant in getting that book because I wasn’t used to the term ‘Angels’! However, due to my openness in nature and curiosity got the best of me, I finally purchased it.

The more I read, the more I became intrigued and I realised that there are so many things in life that’d happened because of the Angels. They’ve always been there guiding me and sending miracles and healing towards me. However, I was blinded to them. If you’ve read my previous post, An Unexpected Gift, you’d have known that my four ‘clairs’ have been blocked ever since I was young. The protection shield was so strong that I couldn’t even remember most of the things in my life at that time. Not to mention, the Angels couldn’t get through to me as well! I will go in-depth into this situation in another post soon.

Doreen Virtue is truly gifted in writing as well as healing & impacting people’s lives. In her book, she started with describing the terms and helped us to better understand our knowledge about the angels.  She stated, “An ‘angel’ in our terms, is a celestial (nonphysical) being who is an egoless messenger of God. In fact, the word angel derives from the Greek and translates to the phrase ‘messenger of God.’ Angels are the deliverers of Heaven’s love and guidance”. She then proceeded to teach us the connecting and calling of various significant Angels and Archangels.

Next, she then describes with her experiences about the angels and the angel therapy methods. She continued to describe in depth about the four ‘clairs’, teaches us about the various divination methods and how to go about doing the Angel Therapy Healing. To me, this was the most intriguing and interesting part because it urges you to act on it. The more I read into the divination methods, the more I felt like trying it on my own. Hence, I eventually got the Healing with the Angels cards, my first ever card deck.

After her teachings and imparting her knowledge to us (readers), she then went about describing and explaining about the light workers and our divine life purpose. She taught us to believe, manifest and act on it. Also, she encourages people to turn their dreams into reality, whether it being a spiritual teacher/healer or entrepreneur, etc.

There are many other information and references in the appendix of the book. The most interesting section to me was the Crystals and Gemstones Associated with the Archangels. 

Ariel – Rose Quartz 

Azrael – Yellow Calcite 

Chamuel – Fluorite

Gabriel – Copper

Haniel – Moonstone

Jeremiel – Amethyst 

Jophiel – Rubellite / Deep Pink Tourmaline

Metatron – Watermelon Tourmaline

Michael – Sugilite

Raguel – Aquamarine

Raphael – Emerald / Malachite 

Raziel – Clear Quartz

Sandalphon – Turquoise

Uriel – Amber

Zadkiel – Lapis Lazuli 

If you’re interested in buying this book, don’t hesitate. Your angels are guiding you to get it and you’ll understand why you’re being called to this once you’ve read it. Trust me, it’s worth your time and investment. I hope that my ‘brief’ review about my favourite book is useful to you! Thank you for reading 🙂 

xx Love & Light to All xx


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