Soulmates vs TwinFlames


Soul-mates are the ones whom you have had past-life relationships with in your previous lives. In this lifetime, your soul mates may be your best friends, parent, grandparents, children, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Most of whom you feel attracted to are your ‘soul mates’. It’s how you feel towards them, like you’ve known them all your life even when you just saw/talked to them.

In my experience, my ex-boyfriend was a past-life soulmate. As you know, internet is extremely advanced nowadays and guess what?! I met my ex-boyfriend on an online platform. We clicked instantly! I know it’s dangerous since he might be a 40 year old pedophile trying to impose as a teenager, but the energies were so strong and we both felt it when we started chatting online. Then, we begun exchanging numbers and contacted each other via texts and calls and eventually met up. The attraction was so strong and the love I felt for him simply blew my mind! We always say that ‘love is blind’ and I totally agree with it. I was blinded in love. But, I do know that his feelings were me were 100% true. My intuition told me so and I trusted it. As you know, all relationships have it’s own problems and we had ours. Eventually, we broke up after 2 months(?) It was a recent one, but I got to learn a lot within that few months that I was attached to a soulmate.

I learnt to love, to see things in colours. He taught me how to feel and understand things in others’ perspectives and use my heart to see. My life gradually turned from a dull grey to an intense rainbow colour. Even though we didn’t end things well, I know that we both learnt a lot through this experience. He told me what I didn’t knew when I was ‘blind’ and I’ve learnt a lot about myself since then. It was definitely worth it.


As for TwinFlames, it was said that the intense attraction will literally BLOW YOUR MIND. The feelings that I’ve heard was ‘being complete’ and ‘whole’. People who have found their twin flames truly experienced one-of-a-kind relationship with their other half. It was also said that the world became so much brighter because of their existence. One thing I know for sure is that twin flames are hard to come by these days. People who have found their twin flames are truly lucky and extremely blessed! I wish to find mine soon!! 😛

If anyone who has found their twin flames and wishes to share with us about your ‘love at first sight’ or story, please feel free to comment below!

Thank you and many blessings to you!

xx Love and Light to All xx


2 thoughts on “Soulmates vs TwinFlames

  1. vanspareja says:

    Hi Grace! It’s me again. 😉

    It’s funny how you just posted about Soul Mates and Twin Flames because I was reading about it this morning. I wanted to confirm if I have met my Twin Flame. Two days ago I met this guy whom the same as you and your ex-boyfriend, I met online. But we’ve been communicating for a week already before meeting in person. I feel comfortable around him and I have never felt this level of comfort from other guys I have met before. I feel like I can open up to him anything and be myself and I won’t be judged. Likewise I feel the same towards him, I accept him totally and completely. When I look at him I care for him so deeply. Our past experiences seem to mirror each other. He was broken to pieces and I want to bring healing in him, I know that he can be whole again. The next day we met again and he said he fell in love with me. Ours is a different kind of love, the kind that you just know and need no words.

    Right now, my intuition is telling me to be with this guy and just go with the flow. Let’s see where this will lead. 🙂

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      I totally agree with you. That’s how my ex-boyfriend and I felt when we first met each other. We felt comfortable with each other and there’s no need for words at all. And yes, I feel that you should go along with it since your intuition tells you to. If this relationship doesn’t work, just know that the time is up and you both have learnt the things that you need to in the relationship. I really hope this goes well and smooth for you. I know from experience it’s not going to be easy to heal someone broken. You’ll have to be mentally and emotionally strong for him as he’ll keep pushing you away knowingly and unknowingly. Just be prepared for a roller coaster ride 🙂 but just to end on a happy note, you’ll feel brighter with him around! Peace and love to you guys, and much blessings ❤

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