Who are you?

Acceptance 🙂


Who are you?

Who are you? Do you know? Are you your job? Are you your hobbies? Are you a mother, daughter, son, or husband? Does that define who you are?

Are you the mask you put on each day? What mask you say? You know, the mask you put on each day! The person you show to the world. The person who gets up, makes breakfast, goes to work or school. Does a good job at work or school. Drives home every day, makes dinner. Laughs at people’s jokes, forwards emails, and writes on face book.

All the while there are different thoughts going on in your head. I am willing to bet that the mask of a person is just a shadow. A shadow of the real you. Partly who you are, but limited by social acceptance, by our “up bringing”, our rules, our fears!  We don’t really…

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