☆☆ Cards for the day ☆☆


10th Jan 2014 – Cards for the day

(1) Singing & Dancing

(2) Parents

(3) Integrity

– By being active and constantly moving, your energy flows within you more easily. To those who dislike exercising, I’d recommend that you use singing & dancing as a form of your exercise. As the card says, you can not only express yourself through music, but also awaken your psychic senses! How amazing is that?! So go with the flow and start moving today to increase your psychic senses! 😉

– This card is for you if have some misunderstandings or any unresolved issues with your parents or parent figure. The Angels want you to know that they are working with you to heal you from any pain associated with you mother or father. Ask the Angels for help on releasing any guilt, anger, hurt or hatred towards either or both of your parents. This process may take some time. However, you must be willing to open yourself up to this healing in order for this to work.

Say this prayer and ask guardian angels for help and intervention: “Dear Guardian Angels of (name), my heart is heavy with hurt, anger and guilt. I want to make sure that I do right by them, and I ask your help and guidance. Please talk with (name) and help (him/her) to understand me better. Please help us get past our pride and egos and to epress our true love to one another. I ask your help in bringing peace to this situation. Thank you.” 

– Integrity is always a problem for us nowadays, especially with us keeping our spirituality from ourselves and our loved ones. We’re afraid that people will judge us for being just who we are. The Angels are saying that you don’t have to announce about your spirituality to people whom you’re not comfortable with just yet. You can slowly emerge from your inner self to the external for the world to see. Yes, this will take some time as you may feel uncomfortable being ‘yourself’ in front of your loved ones without the usual ‘mask’ on. However, the results you gain from being honest with yourself will reap a lot of benefits thereafter! You’ll feel much happier and lighter by being ‘just yourself’. Believe you can do it, and you will. Visualise success in this area and always ask for help from the Angels whenever you’re scared or embarrassed. They are saying that “You don’t have to be afraid once you become you, because you will then be without fear as you are in control of yourself.”

P.S. Sorry for the late update today! I’ve been feeling sick lately due to the virus spreading around.

Hope you guys have a great day ahead wherever you are on this beautiful planet!!

xx Love and Light xx


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