☹ Sensitivity ☹

cute cat


Being an extremely sensitive person really has some negative side effects. Since young, I wasn’t allowed to have furry cuddly toys because I almost had asthma attack due to inhaling their fur. Hence why the animals I’ve had were…..FISHES.

Fishes are easy to maintain and pretty friendly too! I remembered that once upon a time, I had a pet Fish. The fish that I had was pretty special to the Chinese because of it’s big head and it’s awesome ability to capture numbered balls in their mouth and spitting it out. Rumours said that people win lottery when they went along with whatever numbers the fish picked. Well yes, my kind of fish (as seen below) was AWESOME!!

luohan fish

However, I couldn’t hold it in my hands!! As much as my fish always  entertained me, there wasn’t much contact. And I…didn’t feel much love. Still, there was a strong bond between my fish and I. We were always playing with each other whenever I wasn’t doing my homework. I also remembered that my mom hated that fish because he was trying to get my attention while I was studying. So, she scolded him. Since then, whenever my mom came close or tried to feed him while I wasn’t around, he’d stubbornly face his tail towards my mom and ignore her feeding. (Yes! I had a stubborn fish, but one who loved me a lot.) I cried when he became blinded and died 😦 I miss him till today…

Back to the topic…

I love cats. I’ve always wanted a cat – a furry one at that! But, I can’t. My body doesn’t allow such furry beings near me. I’m just too sensitive for my own sake. My nose will start to itch and my skin will start to have rashes from being with the furry loveable creatures. Oh well… I’ve learnt to accept it, I guess. Hence why I’ve bought myself a fluffy cuddly cat!!

Meet Jackie 🙂

Jackie - the cat








Isn’t he cute?! He’s turning seven years old this 2014!! Yay 🙂

Sometimes, it annoys me that my friends don’t recognise him as a cat. They called him a bear whenever I showed them a picture of it. How can he be a bear when Jackie has pointed ears but bears don’t?! Grr..

Well, yes. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I typed it. It’s really fun reminiscing about things. Thank you guys for reading and I hope you have an awesome day!!! 😀

xx Grace xx


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