Give your Cares to an Angel

Ask and it is given 🙂 Calling upon the Angels for anything and everything. Wonderfully written! Many blessings ❤

Angels and Celestials


Archangel Michael – call on Archangel Michael for protection or for removing unwanted things or situations. Archangel Michael has a powerful, protective energy.

Archangel Raphael – call on Raphael for healing. A very soothing and loving energy.

Archangel Gabriel – the angel of writers and communication.

Archangel Uriel – great to call on for emotional healing.

If you’re in pain or grief and you need some serious healing, imagine putting all your cares in a big sack or bag and hand it to an Angel, then watch the Angel take your cares to the light of God, where the negativity is transmuted to love and returned to you in the same bag. Feel the love energy you get in return from the Angel.

Angels specialize in embodying energies like Love, Peace, compassion and healing. They then bring these special energies to those of us incarnated on Earth so that…

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