☆ Soul Coaching Oracle Cards ☆

This is the Soul Coaching Oracle Card Deck by an author and healer, Denise Linn. The quote, ‘What your soul wants you to know’ as seen on the cover of the deck, is truly captivating. Those are the few words that captivated me when I first saw it on the shelves in a book store.


This deck of cards truly provide a direct connection to one’s Soul. I’d highly recommend this deck to anyone who wants to learn more about their higher and inner selves, as well as anyone who’s learning to heal and furthering their spiritual path. These cards truly speak from within! The accompanied information in the guide book for these cards are easy to digest and understand. Even without the guide, the cards really do speak for themselves!

I’d use these cards several times for my own readings in the few hours that I’ve just purchased it. Every outcome and cards that appeared conveyed the answers to my innermost and heartfelt questions. The amazing thing then happened and that’s how I felt these cards were extremely attuned to me.

I did a card spread as indicated in the guide book and the instructions were:

1) Describing you
2) Angels’ message
3) Guides’ messages
4) Past-life loved ones message
5) Ancestors’ message.

Guess what I’ve gotten for card number one? 🙂


YES. I’ve gotten the card, GRACE.

I know there’s a meaning towards ‘grace’. However, the name of the card was literally my name! And yes, it was absolutely accurate and detailed about describing me! Hence, this deck is highly recommended 🙂

Hope this post is useful to anyone who’s investing in oracle cards!!

Do feel free to comment below if you want to share other amazing oracle/angel cards with me! I’m open to as many suggestions though I think it’ll be a few more months before I’ll get another deck of cards. 😀

xx Love & Light xx


11 thoughts on “☆ Soul Coaching Oracle Cards ☆

      • lilladyj says:

        I guess for me I just follow what my heart say for whatever “situation” I may be dealing with…these soul coaching cards sound more like a frequently referred to tool in your present life…does that make sense? :-/

      • HealingAngels4U says:

        I’d say that these cards are for your guidance in terms of moving forward and your guides’ messages to assure you of your situations. Id also suggest that you get just one specific card deck which specifically attunes to you, no matter any situations you’re in. You’ll not only save time in choosing other decks but you’ll also save your money! 🙂

  1. lilladyj says:

    Oh and dream cards will, for me at least, take some time to learn thoroughly, I wouldn’t want to misspeak, I’m still learning. I can get you the Author?

      • lilladyj says:

        I am using “Dream Card” Strephon Kaplan-Williams…again please do not miss understand…I am no expert…i picked them up a couple/few years ago…at a time when I was having very symbolic dreams…again my thoughts…I pulled this out and started to try to learn how to use them…still continuing to learn…lol…

      • HealingAngels4U says:

        Haha okay! Sounds really interesting!! 🙂 that’s why I think it’s best to get the card deck which is MOST attuned to you, which you can easily understand it as well!

  2. lilladyj says:

    lol…I love to learn new things…but you’re probably right about the $$$…i do try to keep it to the minimum…I’ve acquired this collection over some years…

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