☆ Soul Coaching ☆

Cards for the day:-


Left: Blockage/Challenge Card
Middle: How to heal the blockage card
Right: Outcome after healing card

Playfulness- In our hectic and fast-paced society these days, we often neglect play-time and place it at our lowest priority. We are too serious and engrossed in our work that we see free/play time as a hindrance, and that it would affect our productivity and waste our time. Hence, this card is stating that playfulness we lack playfulness in our lives and it’s a blockage for us in this society.

Success- It is just a state of the mind. Visualizing success is very important. In success, there is balance. Without balance, we will be overwhelmed. Hence, this card states that we should change our mindset, be more flexible to our needs and have some fun included in our daily hectic lives. Playfulness can help to refresh and rejuvenate our minds, making our productivity even higher!

Beauty- When we’re healed of our blockage, we will then see things in a different perspective. Life will be more interesting instead of dull and boring. With our lives balanced, we can then see things more beautifully. Changes can then be easily accepted. Everything that you once thought was a challenge or overwhelming becomes easy to achieve and fun!

Hence, have fun today and put your work aside for just a few minutes. Mingle with your pets, watch comedies online and joke around. Just simply, HAVE FUN 🙂

Have a great day everyone! Many blessings.

xx Love and Light xx


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