Channeling/Trance Mediumship/Mental Mediumship


There are so many terms and categories for mediumship these days. I’ve just wikipedia-ed ‘Channeling’ and all the information just appeared. Well, it seems that I have the ability of Mental/Trance Mediumship. It seems really ridiculous to me just now when I read the definitions of Mediumship, especially Trance Mediumship.

Basically, Trance Mediumship is a form of mental channeling/mediumship (whatever you call it). It occurs when a person is in a trance. The Medium will not and cannot remember the things that had happened within the ‘trance’ period.

Now that I know about this, I gradually found myself even more intrigued now. I do suspect that I have the gift of channeling, but never knew that I had been used as a Medium throughout my entire life! Thankfully, the spirits surrounding me and channeling through me are of divinity. I’m safe and protected within the divine light of God.

In the first few parts of my life, I could ‘see’. Then, my illness struck me and my ‘eye’ became closed. Since then, I’m being protected by God. My senses ‘returned’ to me and gradually, my memories came flooding back into my mind. A friend read for me and told me that my Angels had covered my eyes to protect me from a ‘car accident’. Thereafter, everything clicked in my mind. The memories that were erased from me were something of the past that have to be ridden of. The ‘accident’ was so horrendous that it left me scarred.

Throughout the years, I always felt that I was watching a movie. I was always at the backseat looking at my own life. It was as if I was being placed in a bubble of light, protected from everything and anything that had occurred in the physical world. My life was being ‘controlled’ – not in a bad way. Everything just felt so surreal and vague. Nothing ever seemed vivid to me throughout my childhood days. It was nothing but a dream/nightmare.

Even now, I can easily go into trance without my own knowing. Information just flows through me without thinking or doing anything. It happened just so unknowingly yet I’m in a conscious state. Does that even make sense? So yes, I have the ability to channel.

I’m still grateful for the gift that I have been blessed with, even though there were some ups and downs. Everything is divinely planned and timed. I trust in God that I’m protected and extremely cared & loved for by the Angels. It is through them that I can give unconditional love to others and bless their lives.

So, thank you God, Ascended Masters, Angels and my beloved Archangels. ❤ 

Also, thank you to anyone who have read my post for today! Many blessings to you from the Angels and I!! 🙂

xx Love & Light xx


10 thoughts on “Channeling/Trance Mediumship/Mental Mediumship

  1. irenedesign2011 says:

    Good, that you found your own abilities again.
    Kids have open channels until they are around 9 3/4 years old. Then it close down for a period of time, until they are ready to receive again, if they ever will be that.
    That is my experience.

      • irenedesign2011 says:

        I use my power in another way. When I was a kid, yes then I received as a medium and I still remember that very clearly. Later I needed to fight to be able to continue having an open channel. For some years, the teenage period, it closed down. When I later wanted to open again, I had a big job to do first.
        I think, that we need to be ready in our life to work in an alternative living of life. In difficult times we lose our power that way.
        I use my power for healing, with gemstones and massage and so.

      • HealingAngels4U says:

        That’s really great! I think that everyone has different paths and routes. I do feel that what you’re doing right now is divinely guided and planned for you. There’s always a reason for everything. Well, you’re doing really well!! The Angels are shining bright light on you right now 🙂 Keep doing what you’re doing until you’re ready to accept more alright!! Keep ye faith 😀 xx

  2. tessiemcdowell says:

    When we connect with our Divine self shutting out the clutter that permiates the ether we can receive such wisdom from other realms, and divinity. Please share your thoughts you have been receiving ❤ Happy for you xoxox

  3. LiveMagnificently! says:

    Thanks for sharing your story! I think I understand what you mean about trance channelling and trance mediumship however the way I do it I remember everything. I also guide clients to trance channel and to connect in with loved ones who have passed over, as well as with their guides and angels. Guiding them into a state deep enough to connect however not deep enough that they won’t be able to remember. I record it as well just in case they can’t remember parts.

    I looooove this work! And it is amazing when people realise that THEY can do it too 🙂 Everyone can connect it is usually just our belief that we think we can’t that stops the connection – or prevents us from even trying.

    It’s great you are blogging about this!!

    Many blessings to you too gorgeous one 🙂

    Sharon xoxo

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Yes, it’s amazing! Haha, thank you!! It’s really awesome that you’re sharing about this with anyone who are reading about this too!

      I totally agree when you say that our thoughts are the ones which are more significant in the path of spirituality. Positive ones are always the best 🙂

      Thank you!!

      Many blessings to you ❤

      xx Grace xx

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