The Power of Wind

I used to remember that my grandmother loved to talk about “chi”, which also means “wind”. Till now, she still uses this term whenever I fall ill. As some of you may know, I’m currently recuperating from my very serious flu – throat irritation and cough. I went to my grandmother’s yesterday and she instantly took notice of my cough. The first question she asked was, “What is the colour of your phlegm?”

When I was young, I couldn’t understand why she’d ask the colour of the phlegm because it’s DISGUSTING. I found it disgusting until I was brought to the Traditional Chinese Medical Hall for a consultation. The Physician then explained that it was an alternative term. For those who know about Chinese Medicine, you’d know that there are many other terms for different types of coughs – dry cough, yellow phlegm, white phlegm, etc. So after the diagnose, the Physician then explained to me that I’ve had “wind invasion”.

What is a “wind invasion”? It is the extremely strong “external wind” that enter our bodies and make us sick. Hence, the sickness that I’ve had wasn’t at all because of poor immune system, but because of the “wind invasion”. I could still remember the times when I was shivering in the air-conditioned areas during my lectures and tutorials in school for the past few weeks despite me wearing a jacket! So, the wind can actually be both harmful and harmless to one’s body. It can either keep you cool, or it can literally enter your body and attack you, leaving you extremely vulnerable.

It is said that the more spiritually cultivated you are, the more your “chi” channel in your body will open. Hence, the more your “chi” channel is open, the more susceptible you’ll be to the wind. To all the meditators, please do take note that you can easily catch a flu if you don’t keep warm enough, especially in air-conditioned places and drafts.

In addition, please be reminded to keep drinking water to replenish your body. We, sensitive beings, have to keep ourselves healthy so as to keep a high vibration for ourselves as well as the environment around us. The Earth needs more Light Workers to increase the Earth’s vibration, and spread the love to everyone. This will gradually help to prevent disasters from forming, as well as curb the other negative activities from happening.

Tip of the day: Always remember to keep yourself snug and warm anywhere and everywhere. 

Hope this has been useful to you!

xx Love & Light xx


6 thoughts on “The Power of Wind

  1. Luna Sol says:

    Hey Sweet Grace,
    Good to hear you´re recovering from your flu. Learning to open our channels can be very challenging, specially once we do open them a little bit and all kinds of perceptions trickle in, so it is also useful to learn how to close them. At least temporarily until we learn to deal with being so open. You probably already do it on some level, just keep it in mind. Journey on,
    Luna Sol

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Hi Luna! 😀
      Thank you!! Yes, it’s quite annoying that we’re so vulnerable most of the times when our channel is opened! Haha, yes. I’ll learn how to close them! Thank you once again 🙂 ❤
      xx Grace xx

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