Truth, Love, Radiance


Blockage Card: Truth

Healing Card: Love

Outcome Card: Radiance

The Angels want to remind us to speak our truth with love. Only with love can your truth be heard in a compassionate and understanding way. When you love yourself, you will speak your truth no matter the circumstances. The truth will eventually set your soul & spirit free, and your heart & mind will be aligned in accordance. The ego within you will slowly fade away, as you begin to listen more from your heart. As your ego is slowly eradicated, love, truth, acceptance and gratitude will then fill your souls. The Divine Light will then fill your entire being, allowing you to shine from inner to the external surfaces. You will then radiate with your Divine Light, and attract opportunities your way. Law of Attraction is then activated, and you will slowly see that you will indeed attract like-minded and selfless people. Loving and compassionate situations will also be attracted to you. This is what we meant by “Like Attracts Like.”

Hence, begin your healthy dose of affirmations by affirming with “I live my truth!” & “I am wonderful! I receive and give love today and always!”

Many Blessings from the Angels and I,

Grace ❤


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