Personal Development is Psychic Development

Personal Development = Psychic Development = Life Coaching 🙂


So many people have the perception that psychic development is wrong, occult, or just plain strange. They judge what they don’t understand. After all that’s exactly what they have been taught since birth. Our parents, churches, teachers, and family teach us to ignore our feelings and “go with the flow”. We are conditioned to never question authority, and to look outside ourselves for answers. Over time we become dulled to the connection to God that we were born with. We become stressed, anxious, angry, we feel alone and isolated.
I used to allow these people to make me feel that there was something wrong with me. That maybe I was strange because I knew that there is more to life than suffering and lack. The judgement of others doesn’t have the same effect anymore. Judgement, anyway says more about the person judging than it says about the person being judged.

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