▻ The Art of being Grateful ◅


Please click on the image to have a larger view on Eight Great Ways to be Thankful! ❤ 

I’ve realised that being thankful brings about many great benefits! 🙂

It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted a picture in my Instagram account till today. While deciding on the caption, I realised that I didn’t know what to write in there. So, I decided to let my thoughts run wild…and finally a thought came through me! I was reminded of ‘gratitude’, to be thankful of everything that I have in my life. Hence, I picked out a quote and placed it in my caption before I give thanks to the friends who were with me today. My dear friends were the ones who brightened up my days and comforted me whenever I felt low, especially when I’ve been sick these days. With that picture uploaded, I thanked them, wholeheartedly.

To my surprise, the number of likes literally blew me off. Within 3 hours, I’ve gotten 53 likes! (I’ve never gotten over 50 likes before, so it’s really a surprise to me! Teehee.) It was amazing how gratitude can lead to so many likes and respect from people.  Below is the screenshot of the picture and caption.

So, I thank God for everything and everyone who’s been there for me in every way. I also thank God for giving me the inspiration to write about my experience today. I thank God for people who are reading this post, and learning much more about gratitude through my experience. Thank you.

**Note: I’m not trying to boast about the number of likes on my picture. I try my best to keep as low profile as possible because I’m not the kind to flaunt everything to the public. I keep everything to the bare minimum. So, please do bear in mind that your gratitude must be sincere in order for you to reap the actual benefits. Being grateful is a blessing to us all so please do treasure it, and do not take advantage of it. Thank you! 🙂 

Many blessings,

Grace ❤



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