Intuition is Music to Your Soul

Making life choices using your intuition consciously. Awesome article! 🙂

Gail Goodwin

Many people believe they are not intuitive, but if the definition of intuition was clarified, and the levels of intuition were outlined, then many would change their beliefs about possessing this important human function.

There are three levels of intuition.

If you have ever found yourself in a life threatening situation, and you’ve somehow managed to survive it, then it’s possible you activated your base-note intuition to save you. Your survival instincts kicked in to protect you.

If you have ever had to find your way when you were lost, and you found your way back again, or you’ve had to compete for a something, such as a job, and you got it, or you’ve acted out of character to your advantage, or found an empty parking spot just after thinking you wish you had one, then you’ve probably relied on your gut instincts. Your gut instincts helped you. This…

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