Card For Today

Peaceful thoughts generate love — [Angel of Peace, Shanti] ❤

Spirit Card Readings


Our card for today, Sunday, February 16th, is taken from the Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue – Shanti – “I am the Angel of Peace. I bring you new tranquility, and a smoother road ahead.”

Ah to be in blessed peace and tranquility! As long as we remain true to ourselves, our true selves as love, we will find that peace and tranquility. When we come from our hearts as love in every situation, then there is no need for struggle or strife. If we see in each other the likeness of God, which is LOVE, and realize that we are all ONE in God, then what need is there to argue about or disagree on anything? We will not see peace in our world until we can find peace in our own hearts and peace with each other.

Remember we are creating with our thoughts…

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