☼ Change ☼


Change is beautiful if you see it in the eyes of the Angels. In fact, the Angels encourage changes as positivity always arises from them – whether it’s subtle or obvious. Change is the art of creating something new and destroying something that no longer serves your purpose. The Angels came through today with a very prominent message (I couldn’t have missed it unless I ignore it! It was literally booming in my head!!) — Changes are inevitable. 

Surrender your fears, frustrations, annoyance and depression to God and the Angels. Do know that you are safe and protected no matter what is happening around you. Call upon Archangel Michael to clear any negative thoughts or feelings within you. Be aware of this Archangel’s presence. There will be a warm or tingling feeling as he comes into your auric field. The healing will take some time, so faith is the keyword here. Also, be open to letting go of any worries or stress, and let God in. God have made plans for you, so let go of controlling and manipulation of the situation. Visualise a bubble of white light surrounding you. You are safe in this Divine Light and please do remember that the Angels, Holy Spirit and God are with you, holding and comforting you always.

Sending you unconditional love & light from the Archangels Michael & Raphael and I,

Grace ❤


5 thoughts on “☼ Change ☼

  1. LiveMagnificently! says:

    Wow I swear you wrote this just for me 🙂 It is incredibly relevant and helpful for me right now and I am working through releasing a long held fear of change. Thank you for your divine post, I can feel the angels with me guiding me through this process and bringing people like you in. xooxoxoox

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Oops! I forgotten to press reply and ended up writing a comment for myself in my own post. Haha! Silly me~ I just wanted to let you know that…

      You definitely made my day with this awesome comment!! Really do appreciate you taking time to comment on this! 😀 I’m thanking the Angels for passing you the messages through me. Change is indeed scary, but if you see the opposite end of what you’ll get, you won’t fear anymore. Instead, you’ll be even more motivated to go through the changes! I’m being guided to tell you that. So, please remember to have faith and continue hoping. Also, visualise success as well!! The Angels are supporting and connecting with you in every way that you need guidance and help with!

      Hope this guidance is useful to you! Love & Light 🙂 ❤

      • LiveMagnificently! says:

        Oh wow you are such a beautiful and special soul! Thank you so much for passing on the messages! My heart feels so warm right now 🙂

        I can feel the heavy energy I’ve carried around change lifting, which is great, and I will do some visualisations especially around success. You really hit the nail on the head with that one! I know I have been keeping myself small so everything stays the same, but it’s no longer good for me to do that 🙂 Seeing the end of what can be will be a great way to smash these fears 🙂

        Your guidance is extremely helpful to me!!

        Have a wonderful day!!


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