☆ Angels of Atlantis — Meditation ☆




Finding stillness in ‘detachment’ helps us towards the angelic freedom evoked by meditation. Jophiel provides us with his yellow ray to soar with. All we need to do is quieten our mind, then we may hear the Angels sing. So, at dawn and at sunset, practice meditation: breathe deeply, listen intently through relaxed state to the divine Om, and then be still to hear the music of the Angelic Kingdoms. This will bring your own oracular messages. Please be aware of your solitude, stillness, and silence. 

♢ Archangel Jophiel — The Holy Liberator ♢

As I called upon the Angels today, the Meditation card appeared. It seemed that people are struggling to get answers externally instead of from your own inner voice and wisdom these days. Archangel Jophiel has appeared today to let us know that we have unlimited abundance and wisdom stored within us. Hence, hold the thought about looking for answers somewhere else, and instead focus within. Step up onto your meditation ground and start your daily dose of meditation right now. Call upon Archangel Jophiel to be with you, to guide you through the sacred world to seek for your answers deep within your soul. May peace and serenity come through to you. 

Love & Light, 

Grace ❤ 


2 thoughts on “☆ Angels of Atlantis — Meditation ☆

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Yes, silence is difficult, but it can be cultivated! After all, practice makes perfect 😛 Hehe, great idea! I think that everyone should pray that Spirit has a megaphone so that all of us can hear everything from the other side clearly and without needing to wait in silence to listen. 😉 Sending you much blessings, love! ❤

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