☼☼ Divine Beginnings ☼☼



Extraordinary new opportunities are dawning for you, drawing you to new people, new places and new projects. Shamuel wishes to lovingly assist you and, as anxiety often precedes change, asks you to call upon the might of the all the Angels of Atlantis to help, in order to arrive just where you would like to be. Before this fruitfully occurs, it may be appropriate for you to release old patterns of behaviour, old ideas, or old acquaintances. See the ‘new’ as a time to be met by the sun of the Source with renewed vigour and well being, just as you greet the dawn, the new day, with love, hope, and joy. Chant Om Bhur Bhuva Svaha — the beginning of the famous Gayatri mantra — to bring the new energies dancing through. 

♢ Archangel Shamuel — Angels of Atlantis ♢


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