Tuesday -February 25, 2014 Your Power Animal for today is

Power animal card for the day! 🙂 ❤

Angels and Celestials



Keyword: Healing

“You are a healer”

The healing gifts you possess are not actually yours. They emanate from Divine Spirit and are grounded in your body, and it’s through your body that this force is focused and expressed. The two areas that are “hot spots” for this concentration of life force are your heart and your hands. Pay attention to these areas and do whatever you must to keep them energetically clear. An effective way to clear your heart and hands is to purge them by bathing them with white light, allowing whatever psychic debris has been rinsed off with the light to drain down your spine and legs and out through the soles of your feet into Mother Earth. She will readily and easily accept this invisible toxic waste and transform it into new life.

Don’t fear your healing power. It’s your destiny to relieve the suffering of…

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