Angel of Purification


Hello to all beautiful Earth beings! 

I want to use this post to give thanks to IntuitionHost for this beautifully handmade and crafted Angel of Purification. It’s amazing how the Angel truly works for me. I’ve been having the side effects of getting all of my past hurtful memories travelling up to the surface of my mind. In a matter of few days, I’ve been cleared of them, and felt peace and serenity taking over in my life. That was a beautiful and incredible experience. 

For those who would love to get an Angel or any other products (i.e. readings, guided meditations, etc.) , please do feel free to check out IntuitionHost‘s blog. He’s a sweetheart and a true inspiration to many. Most of all, he’s genuine and extremely trustworthy. The energy he gives into his readings and the making of these angels is truly admirable, genuine, loving and oh so positive. I’d definitely highly recommend him and ask that everyone to give him a chance! He’s an immensely talented individual and definitely will do good to the society when he becomes a metaphysical practitioner in the future! 

For any questions or doubts, please feel free to comment below! 

Many blessings,

Grace ❤ 


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