☆ Peace ☆



A sacred geometry healing sequence mandala, this was painted with the pure intent of spreading love and peace throughout the world. Painted with green and blue to illuminate and focus energies from the heart and throat chakras, this mandala encourages us to speak our love and to freely honour that which is our birthright — peace. With all my heart and my blessings, may the energy and intent of healing and joy from the sacred geometry and symbols in this mandala spread throughout the world and enter into hearts all across the planet, bringing hope and peace and healing to all. 

If the sacred dove has flown into your cards today, you are being asked to meditate and reflect on the meaning of peace in your life. How busy are you? Are you too busy to notice those less fortunate than yourself? Have your taken the time to be at peace with yourself so that you can give to others? Perhaps you need to find a quiet still place and remember the gift of peace. 

♢Mandala Meditations Guidance Cards — Marg Thomson♢ 

With this card, the Angels are calling out to everyone to find their inner peace and serenity amongst the busy life in the first-world and developed countries. Angels are asking us to reflect upon ourselves from within. Do you find that you’ve been stressed out lately? Is your mind going 90mph? Are you not noticing the flowers and trees anymore whenever you drive or walk along the streets? 

From today onwards, take time out to be in stillness. You don’t necessarily have to be in meditations to find stillness and silence within yourself. Take a deep breath and count from five to one. Release your breath slowly, and gradually claim peace of mind and heart. Taking a walk in the nature will help too! You can definitely depend on Mother Earth to instil your life with peace and tranquility. 

Also, please feel free to screen shot the card above and meditate upon it! The mandala has special effects to help you stay calm and bring you stillness in meditations. You can reap the benefits just by looking at the mandala as well! How cool is that? 🙂 

Well, I truly hope that this message will help you find relaxation, rest, healing and peace. Stay blessed & may there be serenity and tranquility within everyone of us today, tomorrow and thereafter! 🙂 

Love & Light,

Grace ❤ 


10 thoughts on “☆ Peace ☆

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Thank you for your very amazing comment, love! I’m really glad that the energy in today’s card is being sent to you!! May you always have peace and light in your life! 🙂 ❤

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