Angel Message for March 3, 2014

**Card of the day** ❤

Angels and Celestials

The themes we have had for January and February were Faith and Strength. So for March our theme is Wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to evaluate, discern, apply what you know.
 “I am guided by Divine Wisdom in every thought, word, and action.”

Also, in this week’s readings the themes are linked to angelic qualities and virtues, you will see what I mean as the week goes on. I feel there is a reason that the angels are speaking to us this week about these things. The state of the world is filled with much chaos, drama and darkness. And sometimes, it feels as if you’re caught up in the negativity especially with negative media broadcasts. So the angels want us to remember, that we are the light in this world of darkness. And this week we are asked to do just that-shine our lights.
So let’s get ready for…

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