I’ve finally received my #LOOTB bracelet!! Big THANKS to Jonathon & Quinn for this lovely project and cause that they are doing. I’ve always wanted to contribute in helping the less fortunate, but didn’t have the chance to in my little red dot island. Hence, I’m truly grateful for the opportunity that #LOOTB has given me to fulfil one of my dreams.

Check out the beautiful letter & the bracelet that I’ve gotten! They are simply beautiful and almost magical… :]


 Please do check out their website — #LOOTB !

Jonathon and Quinn’s sacrifices are extraordinarily admirable. At present, it’s really rare to see that people will give up on their  materialistic ambitions to serve others who are less fortunate than they are. So, I highly recommend that we do our small part in contributing to supporting those children, for this will also encourage & motivate Jonathon and Quinn to do their best wherever they are too!


Lovely bracelet, isn’t it? Hurry & get yours now!! :]

Cheers!! ❤


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