☼ Guidance vs Predictions ☼



**I’d like to emphasise that psychics are not mind readers.** 

Some of my clients tend to have the misconceptions about psychics being able to read minds and thoughts of them. Sadly, that isn’t the case. Yes, we can see the outcome. Yes, we can predict about the future. And, yes. We can most definitely know how you feel through  our empathic abilities. However, we most definitely do not read minds and truthfully, the most we can do is guide you to your highest good. Everyone has free will to decide on what they want in life, and that is also why predictions may change due to the different unexpected circumstances in life. 

Everyone understands the meaning of ‘being in the present moment’, but how many of us truly act on that? 

Many of us are curious about what the future holds for us. I’m 100% positively sure that everyone wants to achieve the positive outcome. Unfortunately, many of us still tend to live in denial that the predictions are going to miraculously appear even when we don’t change our current (bad) circumstance. Honestly, I am slightly disheartened and somehow disappointed in those who actually think in this manner — The ‘psychic’ says that ‘my future is going to be very bright! So, I can just chill and get lazy, and just let it be.’ 


Henceforth, I hope to enlighten everyone on the theory that guidance will always precede predictions. Thus, we must act on the guidance given to us before the predictions can actually literally and fruitfully happens. There is no free meal in this world. Often times, we reap what we sow. Without water, oxygen, TLC, and sun, how can the plant possibly grow tall, beautiful and straight? 

Advice: Before you consult a psychic about your issues and concerns, note down the specific questions that you want to enquire about, and understand that the guidance given is very important. No matter the outcome/prediction, one must always heed the guidance before the desired situation can happen. 

Hope that this post has been of use to everyone! I’d love to hear from you should you have any stories / experiences that you want to share! 🙂  

Much love, light & blessings to everyone ❤ 

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12 thoughts on “☼ Guidance vs Predictions ☼

  1. irenedesign2011 says:

    You are very right here. Nothing will have a good outcome without we are doing something to get it.

    Years ago, I did work as a teacher for adults without a job. I did also need to tell them, that it did not help, they just sit a home and say, “Job come to me”. No one will hire you that way. Do something to improve your life.


    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Hi Irene,

      Yes! I absolutely agree with you. We will only reap what we sow. There’s no free gifts in the world, especially not when it comes to having income / material goods!

      A big thank you for sharing with us about your wonderful experience! 🙂

      Many blessings,
      Grace ❤

  2. Line says:

    I am no psychic, but I have always felt that “destiny” means “reaching our highest potential” , but in order to do that we need to keep (actively) growing. I mean, all of us have good traits and bad traits, and these characteristics make us react in a certain way to a certain situation. Sometimes that reaction is good and appropriate, sometimes not, and when it is not, when we do not behave in a way that will usher us on towards that highest potential, then the universe creates a similar situation for us, so that we can learn, and eventually develop a good respond to that same kind of situation. Now, if we never do that, if we never learn and never grow, we will not reach that highest potential, and we will have to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again in our next life, until we get it. That is what I believe in anyway 🙂

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Hi Line!

      You are very correct. Not many people can think so independently like you! You are an amazing role model to everyone. Thank you for sharing with us about your experiences and thoughts on this topic!! 🙂

      Many Angel blessings to You! ❤

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