Hello…..can you hear me?

Your angelic and spiritual guides ❤

Doris Peixoto


Did you know that we all get messages from our Spirit Guides, our Angels and our Higher self? Messages are not just for the psychics and mediums out there. We are always getting messages. The question is do we hear them and do we heed them? I say Spirit Guides, Angels and Higher selves, because I believe all three exist. For me I believe that I have Angels who watch over me, Spirit Guides who do the same but also guide me with messages, and my Higher self, the Soul self that knows the truth about things. Another word for the Higher self or Soul self is our gut instinct. The more I have opened myself to believing that they are there to help me, the more I not only experience their presence but hear from them. I hear my Spirit Guides in my head. My Spirit Guides will communicate…

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