Ethics and why they are important

**NOTE: Psychic Reading Code of Ethics**

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Whether you are reading for family, friends or clients it’s important to set boundaries. They  protect you and the person you are reading for.

Personally, I have a code I  go by, regardless of whether or not it’s a paid for reading. I won’t do more than three reading for the same person in one calendar month, I don’t read for under 16s and I don’t do health readings. Also I won’t read for anyone who has made it clear they intend to cause harm on another with the information I’ve picked up (ie, an angry lover) or someone who wants to prove another reader wrong.

Why?, you are probably asking. Why won’t you do more than three readings? Why won’t you do health readings? Well, my answers are below :

There is a mental health condition that is rarely talked about but does exist. It’s called Codependency. It’s not a healthy thing…

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