☆ The Art of an Open Heart ☆

Credits: Toni Carmine Salerno

Lotus Rose

Love floats upon wings of light that glow upon all creation — the ebb and flow of life, creating vast oceans of dreams, as the Eternal Heart reveals all beauty. 

The card heralds a time of positive change that is about to unfold in your life — deep and profound changes, which occur at the heart level. As your heart opens, so too does the Universe, bringing new and loving experiences into your life. You may have been hurt or disappointed recently, however, the weeks to come will bring renewal as new friendships and opportunities start to blossom. These new opportunities and friendships will be deeply inspiring and rewarding. They are the result of the love and faith you have shown in the Universe. In opening your heart, you have raised your vibration and therefore will begin to attract all that vibrates to love.

Love is a mirror that reflects all that is luminous.

~Toni Carmine Salerno~


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