☆ The Art of True Power ☆

Credits: Toni Carmine Salerno


We fear power because somewhere deep inside we know that we are all-powerful, and that we are the masters of our own destiny. We know that we each create our own reality. Therefore, to step into our own power means we are no longer able to blame or feel victimised by others. To step into our power is to take full responsibility for our lives, thoughts and actions. We find this scary, for in owning our own power we must admit to ourselves that we’ve had a large part to play in the experiences we’ve had. We have been led to believe that when life doesn’t flow as smoothly as we feel it should, we have failed in some way.

To be truly powerful is to love and accept all our seeming imperfections and to work with what we have to the best of our ability at any given moment. True power is to have the courage to just be who you are, regardless of what others may think. Above all, to be in your power, requires that you speak your truth without judgment or fear of being judged.

You have picked this card today, because it is time for you to step truly into your own power. Let go of blaming others or blaming the circumstances in your life and take responsibility for your own life. You can create the life your heart desires. Create a brilliant future, by seeing all that you perceive to be past mistakes and setbacks as a necessary part of your growth. Start to see everything in your life as a gift that is here to help you find your truth. The power is within you. There is no need to fear your own power, for true power is not forceful or aggressive, nor is it necessarily ‘perfection’. True power is standing in your own truth and taking full responsibility for every moment of your life.

~Toni Carmine Salerno~


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