June 2014 Guidance with Archangel Raguel

June Message Channeled By Maria — AA Raguel & Raziel ❤ xx

Readings by Maria Teresa

Ah, June!  Thank goodness June is here!  This month we get a break from all the intensity we’ve been going through this year.  This will be a month of action and activity, even though it might not always be in the traditional sense.  A lot of our activity will be happening with our thoughts and feelings, but the unique part is that it will lead us to take outer action, rather than to dwell on these thoughts and feelings like we have been doing for what seems like such a long time.  


This month we get some solid (and somewhat pushy) advice from Archangel Raguel.  I was quite surprised to get a message from this archangel, as I have never (to my knowledge) developed a relationship with him.  Raguel has quite a tough personality, but doesn’t mind poking fun at you, from what I could gather.  He is the…

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