☆ June 26th 2014 AngelScope ☆



Archangel Raphael comes into the reading today to remind everyone to get down to meditation sessions & yoga classes. He has been coming into my clients’ readings lately, and I’ve realised that mostly have been too stressed out and overwhelmed about their jobs and family matters. Hence, this is a special message to ground and prioritise yourself — rest and rejuvenate! 

Today, I’ve been guided to use the Healing With The Angels deck by Doreen Virtue. This is a five-card message spread for an insightful daily reading. The angels are reminding the beautiful earth angels to listen attentively to the things around you as there may be a miracle appearing for you. This miracle is a blessing on this special Thursday!

For example, when you ask yourself what you feel like eating today and a stranger behind you mentioned something about a certain Japanese/French/Italian restaurant. You took in the strangers’ suggestion and went towards the restaurant to have your meal. There, you’ll probably bump into someone coincidentally and feel a connection with him/her instantly. Or another example would be that there’s a certain revelation that you’ll bump into while you’re over there.

Therefore, this guidance will actually lead you towards self-acceptance and forgiveness towards a situation. This will also give birth to an important lesson to teach you how to truly love yourself properly. It may be challenging to accept the truth within the hidden agenda that the Universe has given you. But eventually, I am hearing that you will learn how to balance your life & handle certain unhappy situations in your life with this (in actual fact) blessing in disguise! Your spirit will feel absolutely free and spirited when you know how to surrender & let go of limited beliefs and thoughts easily. This will literally feel like a weight is being lifted from your shoulders! 🙂

I truly pray that this message resonates with everyone who’s reading this & hope that you have a wonderful day / evening ahead, my beautiful Earth Angels!

Much love, light & angel blessings to You ❤


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