☆ June 30th 2014 AngelScope ☆


The answer is Maybe!

The Angels acknowledge your question but are unable to give you a definite answer at this time.

The Grey Angel Feather is presented to you as a symbol of “neutrality”. Grey is a neutral colour: a mixture of black and white. 

There is a ‘grey area’ involved here, a neutral place that lies between familiar and unfamiliar. This may be a transition period that could serve to be heaven sent. If you are feeling trapped in your present circumstances, hand the situation over to the Angels immediately. 

The Angels have heard your question and would like to reassure you that “all is often not as it seems”. They have been working behind the scenes to bring you the most positive and happy outcome. Your best interests are always the Angels priority but patience is required! 

~ Michelle Newton ~

When this card appeared in today’s reading, many different scenes started forming in my head. The angels were eager to guide me to share this lovely message to everyone! 🙂

Yes, there seems to be a shift in consciousness these days, and people awakening are trying to get out of their regular 9-5 jobs in search of what they truly want in life — spiritual calling.

This is a period of transition whereby you would love to make your dreams come true by making your heart’s desires a reality. This situation may be a dilemma to those who are still not accustomed to changes yet, as you are stuck in between the ‘grey area’ of familiarity of what you do want, and the unfamiliarity of the outcome if you were to step out of your comfort zone (old job). Your worries, doubts and fears start to settle in, and your ego starts eating up your mind. You are lost. You feel so helpless and stress. Then, you feel annoyed and frustrated that you feel helpless and stress.

This situation may be similar to (existing or returning) students who are caught in between which course of study you would want to take up in the University, or the private schools. You do feel the pull and the need to change the course of study. However, you do not know what you truly want in life just yet. You just know that you NEED TO and WANT TO study. Again, we are stepping into the ‘grey areas’ of familiarity and unfamiliarity.

The Angels are suggesting you to do more research about the changes that you are seeking at the present moment. They want you to feel secure of what you truly desire in life, and surrender your fears & worries to them.

Of course, they are helping you behind the scenes by guiding you to the different sections of the library to help you with your research. They may even guide you to certain talks and events that may enlighten you about your transition in life. Moreover, they may also guide you to talk to like-minded people who are in the same situation as you, as they are able to empathise with you and give you advice.

Always remember to be conscious of your thoughts and actions, and look out for any signs that the Angels are giving you. Even though you cannot feel, listen to or see them physically, please do know that they are, have and will always be with you nudging inspiration & messages through your thoughts, and sending you love via your heart centre.

I truly pray that today’s message resonate with you! Sending everyone so much love, light, peace & many many angel blessings ❤


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