❥ Love


You have the brightest of smiles,

The most beautiful pair of eyes that I’ve ever laid on.

You have the biggest of the heart,

That no one can compete.

Your body spoke a thousand words,

The language that communicated with my heart.

LOVE - Rumi

You taught me of love,

That I never knew of.

The dreams that brought me to you,

Were never really gone.

Our love stayed,

Despite our differences.

The silence we’ve had,

Were of the unspoken promise of the future.

Happiness :: Pain Quote

Fate has other plans,

That we never knew.

Your fire soul,

With my watery heart.

Time was running out,

But we never stopped running.

We rushed for it,

And crashed eventually.

What was once called love,

Now became utter pain.


The shattered souls,

And the weary hearts.

The promises made,

Were now naught.

You let me go,

Without a fight.

Your actions contradictory,

And this made me cry.

William Shakespeare (LOVE)


I was afraid,

My ego spoke.

My heart once protected,

But walls were never built.

The illusions and deception,

Became an everlasting agony.

But whatever the matter,

My love for you will never wither.

For true love isn’t easy,

It must be fought for.

I am waiting my love,

I’ll wait for you to come back.

For you are my strength,

My everlasting love.

I Love You. 

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