Why Do We Have To Have Kids Or A Career? Why Can’t We Just Choose A Full Life?

Amazingly well-written article about our dream life! Thank you so much for posting this ❤ xx

Thought Catalog


I overheard a conversation about a 40-something friend of mind in which she was called a “career woman.” It’s funny to me because she’s clearly not, but by virtue of her not having children they made the assumption that she must then be a career woman. Because, if a woman doesn’t have kids she must be obsessed with her career, right?

In reality, she runs a 5 day wellness retreat twice a month and spends the other time answering questions from potential retreat members and refining the retreat’s structure. There’s another person who does the business side, she has very little to worry about there.

Essentially, she has a dream life where her work is fun and pays well, but doesn’t take up her whole life. She does yoga at the Lake Harriet band stand every morning at 6:30am and does whatever work she needs to do for the…

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