✩ July 9th 2014 AngelScope ✩


Time to look at how you value yourself — issues of self-love

The world around you is simply a reflection of your inner world, beliefs and feelings.

There is a person or a group of people in your life at present who keeps putting you down and undervaluing what you say or do.

The Angel of Love realizes that this is a painful and hurtful situation for you, and has shown up in your reading today to help you work through and heal this issue. From a higher perspective, all happens as an act of love.

The people in your life at present are simply here to help you face your own feelings of inadequacy, self-worth and self-love. But that is not to say that you should pat them on the back for making you feel small or sad, rather it is the opposite.

Stand up for yourself regardless of what others think or say, and know that you are eternally worthy of love. In essence, you are a wondrous and beautiful being of light and love.

You are held in eternal embrace by the soul of creation, loved and valued more than you will ever know. Start to have loving thoughts for yourself as you are perfect just as you are.

There is no need to change anything about you except for the perceptions you hold about yourself.

Affirm to yourself many times each day,

“I am love, I am light, I value and honor myself through my thoughts and through all I say and do. The more I love myself, the more love and value I attract from those around me.”

~ Toni Carmine Salerno ~


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