☆ July 11th 2014 AngelScope ☆


You have travelled far in search of greater meaning and fulfilment, having made much progress and learning valuable lessons. You want to continue your journey, but the road seems to have come to an end. Where do you go from here?

The symbolic imagery on this card is set within a magical forest. It seems inviting, yet the way forward is not clear. No physical path exists, however there is a way forward. Between the trees is a symbol for eternal life and to the right, a symbol for healing and protection.

This card is inviting you to move forward spiritually and offers you healing and protection along the way. Spirit and matter must now merge if true progress is to be made — your rational mind must align with your heart. When heart and mind are both focused on the same goal, great things are possible. This is true spiritual alchemy. All you work towards can now be achieved.

~ Toni Carmine Salerno ~

Today, Archangel Raphael is coming through very strongly in this reading to remind all Indigos to stand up for their true purpose. Indigos are born in this world to raise the vibrations of the Earth — especially through protests, campaigns, and the loving type of healing work. Many Indigos (children) are often classified and diagnosed with ADHD, ADD and even autistic, and this is such a blasphemy! They are different — unique — in their own way of life. They see things more vastly than an average person does. Just because their perspective about life is different, it doesn’t mean that they are weird. Indigo children tend to be more hyperactive as their souls’ vibrations are much higher than a child’s human physical body. That is the reason why their energies are all over the place, and they just can’t seem to settle down.

Furthermore, I’d dare say that autistic children/adults are actually genius (e.g. Albert Einstein)! When kids tend to bloom later than the other normal kids, it doesn’t mean that they have problems. They just have difficulty reacting in their own bodies. Parents tend to compare their own kids with the others, and this is what causing such agony and pain towards the ‘special needs’ children. They are forced to eat medicine that stop their spiritual connection with the Divine, and this led them to being even worse. The drugs cause them to forget who they are in the world. This is slowly killing them from the inside, as they gradually forget their main purpose in life.

Henceforth, Archangel Raphael is encouraging all Indigos & Indigos’ parents to read more about Indigos and study them. I’d recommend Doreen Virtue’s The Care and Feeding Of Indigo Children. This book encompasses everything that you need to take care and handling of the ‘special’ kids, and for those who think you are an Indigo-born.

The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children - Doreen Virtue

I truly pray that this message resonates with everyone who’s reading this post today! Let’s do our part in increasing the Earth’s vibrations by aligning ourselves — heart & mind — in order to receive Divine guidance & sharing our love to everyone on this beautiful Earth that we’re living in.

Much love, light & angel blessings to Everyone! ❤


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