☆ July 13th 2014 AngelScope ☆


Butterfly wings have shown up in your reading today to mirror the beauty inside you — the sacred beauty that is you. 

A deep transformation is taking place in your life. You have managed to reconcile issues from your past and as a result, your true nature is now beginning to emerge.

This card is here to encourage you to continue on your spiritual journey and to continue to be yourself. You have much to offer the world by just being you.

Love is magical, for it has the power to transform all things. The love you hold has the power to touch not only those around you, but the whole world. In becoming aware of your own beauty, you are not only empowering yourself, but you also help to mirror beauty in others.

This card is connected to Nature and the healing power and beauty She radiates. Nowhere is it easier to feel the magic of the Universe at work than in Nature. Nature exudes peace, love and tranquility that touch the heart. She reflects the love we have inside ourselves.

Regularly set aside some time to surround yourself with Nature. Her magical powers will help reflect the magic within you. The coming weeks and months will bring healing into your life. As your spiritual awareness deepens, so too will the awareness of all that you are, expand and deepen. This will have a magical effect on your life that will be felt not only by you but by all those around you. A time of transformation, of magic and beauty is about to unfold in your life.

Butterflies are a powerful symbol for you at present; symbolic transformation that awaits you. Over the coming weeks, take heart every time a butterfly flutters into your field of vision, for it confirms the wondrous progress you are making.

~ Toni Carmine Salerno ~


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