¸.•´¯`The Art of Creating Joy´¯`•.¸

happiness - girl in sunset

How can we truly rid ourselves of stress & depression?

Honestly, there’s no cure for these two horrible dis-eases.

But, there’s always ways to curb & transmute these feelings into positive energies!


Singing & dancing - HSM


Believe it or not, singing helps to open up our heart centres (chakras)! Moreover, the vibrations and tones that we sing the notes at will enable us to balance our energies naturally! Dancing helps to loosen the muscles in our body for a more relaxed state. When you’re moving your body, you’ll tend to shake all your stress away — leaving only your own natural energy in your body! Also, singing and dancing are a combination to heal your life that easily! You can have fun & be healed at the same time! Isn’t it the best of both worlds?!


For those who are naturally inclined to music & tones of the songs, I strongly recommend that you focus on the bass through the background music. Going into the bass will enable you to gradually flow into a meditative state where you’ll be rejuvenated, relaxed, and definitely stress- & worry-free.


yoga - happiness

Yoga is a form of  physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that aim to transform body and mind. It’s a great exercise for those who don’t really fancy the extreme / mild & sweaty sports such as running, hiking, jogging, sprinting, lifting weights, dancing, kayaking, surfing or rock climbing, etc.

It is proven that yoga helps to decrease anxiety & depression in people’s lives. Moreover, yoga helps to open up our heart centres as well. The different yoga poses and movements help to enhance the healing and balancing of our body energies. Not to forget, it aids in our postures too! Hence, it’s a really great breathing exercise that can keep us healthy and happy in our mind, body & spirit.

P.S. I was never a fan of yoga before, but I was introduced to it in April/May by a teacher. She introduced me to a 30 Day Yoga Challenge on YouTube & it literally transformed my life from then when I started on my first yoga practice. Honestly, I’ve never felt more balanced, light-hearted & more positive on my perspectives on different issues in my life before. It was literally life-changing! 


If your friend/sibling/parents isn’t interested in doing yoga, please do not get them to even try it out (at home). Even though it may be beneficial to their health, there’s no point forcing them to do it with you when they don’t want to. Free will is in place here. If they want it and are ready for this, they will voice out and you may then guide them carefully through the steps and movements of yoga.


OSHO - book collection


Yes, reading/writing/editing spiritually based books are very healing — especially those of self-healing books.

Through the readings with my numerous clients, there were many who are born in this life to write/sell/edit/read spiritually-based books. This is actually their life purpose in this lifetime! How amazing is that? Can you imagine…what are you going to do without these awesome writers? There would be little or no knowledge at all on this Earth!

OSHO’s books tend to make you think about humanity in whole. It’s really refreshing and very fascinating reading his books! There are many philosophies, perspectives, advice, guidance & deep words for you to ponder upon them. I absolutely adore OSHO’s books!

Doreen Virtue - books collection

Also, Doreen Virtue is another true inspiration for those who are deeply connected to the angelic/fairy realms. In fact, she’s the first author to introduce me to the lovely Archangels whom I’m working with right now — healing & readings. My life became a lot clearer after being guided to read her works. Her books consist of many different experiences, tips on connecting with the other side, guidance on healing your life, and many more!

Hicks - LOA

Of course, I’d highly recommend everyone to check this book out. People ought to read and know more about how the law of  attraction & manifestation truly works. Praying is one thing, taking action is another thing. But, have you wondered about those strangers you have met on the street and how you always tend to attract only a certain type of people around you? These are the effects of the Law of Attraction and its doing. A very interesting book with many fascinating facts & discoveries! This book is definitely worth every minute of your dime and time 😉


Starry-Night - Vincent Van Gogh


Art is another channel that helps to keep artists sane, happy, balanced, and stress-free. Words, colors, and every stroke drawn on a piece of paper express how the artist personally feel and think of the world. It requires a very deep understanding to actually know what the artists are expressing. Those who resonates with various art pieces are truly the ones who understand humanity and unconditional love!

5. Daily Affirmations









be happy quotes




Much love, light & angel blessings to All ❤ 


Happy affirmation (1) 
Happy Affirmation (2) 
Happy Affirmation (3) 
Happy Affirmation (4)
Happy Affirmation (5) 
Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh
LOA – Abraham Hicks  
Doreen Virtue Collection 
OSHO Collection


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