☆ July 28th 2014 AngelScope ☆


Ascension is remembering that only love is real. Ascension is remembering that yes, you are physical, but you are also Divine. As you realise your own truth and the multidimensional nature of your divinity, this enlightens you and empowers others on your planet to do the same.

So what may you do? For starters, choose love in all areas of your life, this enables the light codes of your higher self to be fully activated in your physical body. This allows you the means to fully ascend. Full ascension is full awareness of yourself in all dimensions. This is where you are headed and as long as you keep choosing love, you shall achieve. It is quite simple really. We in the realms above understand that it is not easy for you to always choose love, but know that love is essential for your continued ascension.

Quiet time for meditation and reflection is of the utmost importance for you at this time as well. Remembering your divinity by looking within your own heart will fill your being with light that is true knowledge. Now, it is time for you to claim your power and to activate your light body. I am here to assist you in this process always. I am Azrael helping you to cross the boundaries of the physical and experience your multidimensional truth. Know that you do not need to die to experience heaven, but rather close your eyes, take a deep breath and look within.

You have all the hardware necessary, all knowledge that is needed exists within you. Choose love and your own truth. The world needs you to step up now. Remember who you are. You are divine and as this becomes known to you, you will know the truth of ascension.

~ Melanie Beckler ~


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