☾ Surrendering the ego – Mandala Way ☽


There has been a huge wave of new energies flowing through us. Do you feel it? During the readings with my clients, the angels kept repeating the same (good) news — “You are about to embark on a new journey / a creative endeavour / new opportunities that are bringing you abundance! Embrace the new, and let go of the old. It’s indeed a period of change, oh dear ones…” 

Those words just kept ringing in my head repeatedly for every other clients that came to me for a reading. At a point in time, I doubt myself. Am I channeling the correct information for this particular client? I picked up the cards, reshuffled them and laid them out. Indeed, they convey the same message and hidden meanings. This is truly and definitely a period of change. It is inevitable.

Not to mention, many relationships are changing as well. Although the truth hurts, I held onto a prayer for them and told them the truth as compassionate and gentle as I could. They accepted it, but decided to hold onto their faith on keeping the relationship. I understand that free-will is involved in the situation, but the Universe was merely looking out for them. It’s really funny how the Universe works. Most of the time, they just force you out of the situation — sometimes making the other party as ‘the devil’ so that the querent will release and surrender the situation willingly.

In my case, both of my relationships and career paths are changing RAPIDLY. I didn’t want the Universe to act in my place, hence I’ve decided to go with the flow by surrendering and releasing all that no longer serves my highest purpose at this point in life.

Surrendering worries, doubts, fears and our egoistical thoughts are definitely not an easy task. I have the difficulty putting down these baggages as well. Instead of my usual writing-in-a-journal style, I’ve printed out some mandalas (Google: Mandalas) and coloured them while putting on some new-age music. While this took me at least an hour to complete the colouring, I was extremely calm and serene by the time I finished it. Therefore, I highly recommend everyone who are interested in mandalas (but haven’t try it before) to try this method out. It’s extremely useful in my case! It was truly a fun experience for me overall.

Before colouring the mandalas, I’d recommend that you ground yourself first and then say a prayer to God, Angels and the Ascended Masters to release all the unforgiveness, doubts, fears, and worries from within you. Thereafter, start picking up the colours that you’re most resonated with and start colouring with your heart. It’s perfectly normal that the past emotions and thoughts come up to the surface, so please do not be alarmed by it. That is the process of releasing the old through concentrating on the present (when you colour the mandalas). That’s the interesting part — you aren’t actually in the present when these thoughts come up, but you’re in fact in the present. Hah gotcha! 😉

By the time you’ve finished colouring, you’ll feel refreshed or for some of you, maybe tired. Either way, you’ll feel calmer and more peaceful in both your heart and mind. If you’re doing it in the morning, have a glass of water right after you complete the colouring. If you’re doing this exercise in the evening, drink half a glass of water and then go to sleep. It’ll help you to promote better sleep.

If anyone has tried this exercise before, please do leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

Much love, light & angel blessings ❤



9 thoughts on “☾ Surrendering the ego – Mandala Way ☽

  1. NR Wishart Healing says:

    Reblogged this on NR Wishart Healing and commented:
    This is a brilliant exercise! I have yet to do it myself and I can’t wait until I get a good moment to do this! As I read through I felt how affective it will be and for myself will also at the same time reunite me with my art pencils and materials which have been neglected for so long. I agree with the messages coming through from the angels and the realms of spirit right now. As a full time manager and stylist in a very busy salon, for some time now I have been witnessing some of my clients begin to wake up and open up to the world of spirit and energies. I am in the perfect place to help support them as through this and it is a massive privilege to see them open up and develop at this most incredible time. I see it almost every day now in people. Not only do I get to work magic on their hair, I am also blessed to be within their energy field and can use that time also for spiritual healing and guidance and physically connect to over 50 different people a week face to face as well as the many I do distantly. As people as gently awakening, some quite instantly, I am honoured to be available for them all and to assist them. It is a pure joy to witness this face on and to see each personal begin seeing miracles around them!

    Namaste x

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      AMAZING!! 😀 Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with us! I truly am honoured to get to know you. I have no doubt that you are a blessing to everyone around you! Keep shining your light brightly & helping these beautiful new-born souls through their awakening! You are such a beautiful and heart-warming soul. I thank the heavens for your presence on my blog! Praying for you and the beautiful work you do!! ❤ xxx

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