☆ July 31st 2014 AngelScope ☆


Come, open the golden doors. And enter the Universe within you. Eternity exists inside your heart. 

Dearest one, be the light that you are and remember that this life is but a dream — don’t take it too seriously. Take only your soul with you on your travels. Speak only from your heart and set aside the endless clutter of your mind whose only purpose is to cloud your truth. Listen to the wind, as it blows through creation. Feel it caress the leaves on the trees. Sway graciously to the rhythm of the Universe.

Be one with the eternal flow of Nature, walk with it, rest within its shelter and allow your heart to heal. Nature and the Universe will peel away each layer that no longer serves you. Dwell not in your illusion, which only carries you into darkness, but feel in your heart an eternal glow — the glow of truth. Be at peace with the forever changing seasons and you will not be left dreaming of summer when winter comes. Shed your fears and be one with each season in your life.

Graciously accept all that comes and remember that all is the will of the One whose light fills creation. The nature of the Universe is your nature also. Walk not into the darkness of night without the glow of love in your heart. Rest your mind and feel the moon’s glow upon you, feel the interconnectedness of all things.

Merge with the spirit of Nature for She will help you transcend all obstacles. Be one with all, for all is one. The flame of love burns brightly inside your heart.

Close your eyes and allow your mind to drift back into time, through the ancient mists, to the beginning. The further back you go, the closer you will find yourself to the present, for time is but an illusion, that masks this eternal moment. Be still, for within your solitude you shall discover that ancient lives are but a whisper away, and that all exists within this moment.

This card is a blessing from the Universe!

~ Toni Carmine Salerno ~

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