☆ August 1st 2014 AngelScope ☆


Start your August 1st with balance in life!

To find balance within the new paradigm, your process is threefold. First, it is essential to unite with divine love. Uniting with divine love means to notice and be aware of the divinity flowing thoughout all, and your part in it. Daily return to this knowing through practices of mindfulness, through meditation, stillness and taking time to simply be. It is through quieting you mind and dropping into your heart that you are able to experience fully the divine nature of all and to realise your oneness with it.

Quiet your mind, open your heart, and drop into. Tune into inspiration from the Divine and then take action. Act upon the guidance you receive and upon the nudges from your soul and angels. These nudges of divine love seek to carry you forward on your path of awakening and finding balance. Inspired action is essential to finding fulfilment, love and balance in your life.

A third facet of balance in this new energy is taking time to play, enjoy, and to allow your playful inner child to rise to the surface. Play and claim your freedom to enjoy the present moment fully. Move forward with a daily practice of meditative mindfulness, and take inspired action based upon the guidance you receive. This combined with divine love and play allows you to achieve balance in the present earth paradigm.

Balance in the new paradigm is essential. With balance, you are able to leave behind stagnant ways of being and step into living inspired by love, inspired by your heart, and most importantly inspired by awareness and presence in the moment. Let go of old ways of being, and enter into living inspired, balanced, and in love.

~ Melanie Beckler ~


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