Attracting Abundance

☆ The Art of Attracting Abundance ☆

Ethereal Mermaid

What does it mean to live in a state of abundance? Hint: it’s not about how much money you have.  When we are in the flow of life, we realize that the Universe’s natural state is truly one of abundance, despite what economics, politics, and society may tell us. Just walk outside and become aware of the multitude of flowers, blades of grass, butterflies, insects, forest creatures, and elemental beings. Even if you like in an urban jungle, find a park or take a stroll through a garden. You see the unique spark of divine light in all things, each expressing its own unique vibration. Each with the desire to express itself through form in order to merge back into the Source of all things. When we are guided by nature as our teacher,  we realize that abundance is a state of mind, a way of being,  our natural state.

To me abundance is…

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