☆ August 6th 2014 AngelScope ☆


What you see around you mirrors what you feel within you. The chaos you perceive or experience in your physical reality simply reflects your inner chaos and turmoil. If things are not working well in your outer world, what is it that is not working well within you?

This card calls for a thorough self-examination. Do not merely skim the surface. You must delve deep to uncover the truth. This will take time, patience and commitment. Observe your thoughts and feelings throughout the day, and make a note of negative or unconstructive thoughts and feelings. This practice, overtime, will in itself help heal and restore balance to your life.

It may be helpful to keep a diary in which you note your thoughts and feelings; what is it that triggers these thoughts and feelings? Journal writing will also help provided that the journal is for your eyes only. It may also be helpful to seek professional advice from a qualified counsellor or health practitioner who has experience in this field. Commit to this reflective journey, be disciplined in your approach and you will never look back. The rewards will be greater than you ever imagined!

~ Toni Carmine Salerno ~


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